Benefits of yoga


Balanced and Mindful Yoga

Practicing Yoga allows and encourages you to regain control over your life, as, over time (it isn’t a quick fix) it begins to integrate the mind, body and spirit.  This creates balance and can lead us to be happy and healthy and to improve our relationships with our partners, children, friends, work colleagues and most importantly, ourselves.

Regular practice can help change a negative mind-set by offering inner peace and an ability to face upheavals and deal with problems without getting caught up in the “drama” that life can often throw at us.

Yoga is perfectly adaptable and can be practiced by students of all ages with a whole variety of lifestyles.  Yoga can replace the so-called buzzes of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants with a wonderful sense of invigoration.  Yoga is a fabulous way to tone and strengthen our bodies.

When you regularly practice Yoga, you may find it:

Builds core strength

Increases flexibility

Improves balance and posture

Helps relieve depression and anxiety

Increases energy levels

Aids weight control

Provides natural stimulation

Improves circulation and digestion, and lowers blood pressure

Yoga is an holistic approach to life (psychological, physical and social)