Balanced and Mindful Yoga

I currently run the following Yoga classes:


WHERE:       United Reformed Church Hall, Broad Street, Brinklow, nr Rugby CV23 0LS – I am now running in-person classes at this venue however, due to Covid-19 we are restricted in the numbers the venue can hold, so please contact me if you would like to attend this class.

WHEN:         7.30 to 9 p.m.

LEVEL:         Mixed ability

COST:          £5.00 per class (pay as you go)


I run Yin Yoga Workshops (3 hours) – please check my Facebook page (Sattva Hatha Yoga: for details of upcoming Workshops.


I am also available to teach one-to-one Yoga to you in your home – please be aware that sufficient space will be required for two yoga mats and space around the mats.

Please contact me via email:, or call me on tel: 07921 127935 to check if there are places available in any of the above classes.  Thank you.


You will be attending a Hatha Yoga class, which means we will be working to create a calm mind and a healthy body. During every class we will work on developing awareness of the breath and good breathing habits.  We will also use the breath to lead ourselves in and out of Yoga postures (asanas).  This work will assist in increasing your flexibility and strength, as well as toning the body and making it feel energised and free of stress.

A typical class will include:

Centering / breath awareness.

Opening pranayama (Yogic breathing) practice

Preparing for posture work by mobilising joints and warming up muscles

A Yoga vinyasa (sequence), which will join the Yoga postures (asanas) together in a flowing sequence, using modifications to suit all levels of ability – you work at your own level

Cooling down exercises

A closing practice of pranayama (Yogic breathing)

Relaxation / meditation

Yoga is non-competitive and you will not be asked to do anything that causes strain or injury to the body. All posture work can be modified to make it exactly right for you.  Effort is involved and you will feel the physical work in your muscles from them strengthening or stretching, but you should not feel pain. Your teacher will ensure that everything you do is safe.

Yoga is a breath-led practice.  Using the breath can lead us in to a mindful practice and can assist in easing us in to our postures (asanas).


You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid eating a heavy meal two hours before class.  A snack like a banana an hour before class would be ideal.  Please don’t come to Yoga feeling dehydrated, and do drink plenty of water afterwards.  You should bring your own Yoga mat and, if possible, a blanket.  Shoes are not worn during the class and I would highly recommend that you work barefoot.